Who I Am

I’m not going to tell you.

All that I’ll tell you is that I’m a “professional” who used to supply “real” fake doctors excuses to people who were desperately in need of them. I wouldn’t do it for people who had created their own problems – only for people who were stuck in a bad situation that was not of their own making. An alcoholic who continually refused treatment, but just wanted to be able to drink all night and call in sick? Sorry, can’t help you. An honest person being terrorized at work, needing some sort of way to solve a problem being ignored by higher-ups? That’s where I would be glad to assist.

I’ve seen the good that fake doctor notes can do, so I believe they should be made available as a last resort. Since there are few “professionals” willing to do what I did, using a credible online source is the only way out for many people. I post these success stories and cautionary tales to make people aware of the good – and harm – that fake medical excuses can do.

All of the stories on this site are 100% real, although I’ve written them in my own style. Of course, all names have been changed.