An Honors Student Saves Her Academic Career

Everyone always said that Nicole Wallace (name changed) was the smartest girl in her class. Elementary school, middle school, high school, college – it was always the same. Her teachers loved her, she almost always got straight A’s, she got into one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

It was in her junior year that the trouble started. For some reason, which Nicole could never understand, her professor (who was also the chairman of the department) took a dislike to her. While her work was still good by any unbiased standard, the professor continually picked her essays and classwork apart. The straight A student began receiving B’s and an occasional C. That would be more than acceptable for most students, but Nicole had her eyes focused on a top graduate school, where the admissions committee was known for only taking applicants at the top of their class.

A smart girl uses a doctor's excuse.Nicole started to panic. The professor was the department head so there was no appeal possible. She tried talking to him to find out what his problem was with her, but got nowhere.

It was then that she saw a slight opening. The university’s newspaper reported that the department head would be going on sabbatical the following year. If Nicole could only get an incomplete for the semester, she could retake the course while the professor was away from school and her problem would be solved. But the way things were going, there was no way he’d grant her an incomplete – unless he had to.

This honors student had once seen a TV report about companies that actually sold fake hospital and doctors notes, and for some reason the report had stuck in her mind. She was desperate, because she knew her academic career, and future life, were at stake. After a bit of soul-searching, Nicole looked online for sites that had fake doctors excuses for sale.

Since she was intelligent, she knew she needed only the best, so she went right past the sites offering “free doctors notes templates” for download, which probably would never work for her purposes.

She ended up at a site that not only offered doctors excuses, but full packages including specialists’ reports and multi-page hospital discharge letters, and knew that she’d found what she was looking for. She spent some time putting together a detailed action plan to follow and bought the excuse package. She then constructed a dossier documenting a serious female illness (since she figured that would make it more difficult for the department head to argue or even fully understand). There were had OB/GYN reports, letters from specialists and clinics, and several hospital documents – all completely realistic-looking and with all the proper language – backing up Nicole’s story of a female problem which required immediate surgery and lengthy recovery.

The plan worked like a charm. The department head had no choice but to give Nicole an incomplete grade and a leave of absence until the following semester, when the “fully-recovered” Nicole returned to school, aced her courses, and was accepted at her first choice of graduate school. Her future was assured, all because she had no other option than fake dr forms.