Handle Stressful Situations Correctly

When you’re stressed, your head may start to hurt, or you may feel nauseated, dizzy, or just plain overwhelmed. Stress can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life, so stress reduction is necessary for maintaining both your physical and emotional health. Since you can’t simply wish stress away, managing stress is a vital skill to develop.

Learning how to manage your stress takes practice, but you can — and need to — do it. Here are some ways to make it easier.

Exercise – Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. Plus, exercise will improve your mood. But you have to do it often for it to pay off.

Relax Your Muscles – When you’re stressed, your muscles get tense.

Deep Breathing – Stopping and taking a few deep breaths can take the pressure off you right away. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel once you get good at it.

Eat Well – Eating a regular, well-balanced diet will help you feel better in general. It may also help control your moods.

Take a Break – You need to plan on some real downtime to give your mind time off from stress. If you’re a person who likes to set goals, this may be hard for you at first.

Eating Too Much Spicy Foods?

A lot has been said and written about the fact that spicy foods have several beneficial effects on our body. You would already know that it can do wonders for your waistline. But eating over spicy foods can worsen your stomach ulcers and gastritis.

Apart from that over spicy foods can cause diarrhea in a few patients by irritating the gut. It also decreases the sensitivity of taste buds so if you plan on enjoying your favorite spicy dishes for years to come, less is more.”

Eating spicy foods may have your gastrointestinal tract feel the heat most. It feels like your internal body is on fire, but the capsaicin compound found in chili activates the release of substance P, a compound that transmits pain and burning sensations.

Over-indulgence of spicy foods may cause the following stomach ailments that you should know of.

Acid reflux – Spices are a combination of acids and when too many of these acids are introduced to the stomach, which also has its own acidic contents, it starts damaging the walls of the stomach.

Gastric ulcer – Eating over-spicy foods can aggravate ulcers in the sensitive mucosal lining or in the small intestine, called the duodenum, or sometimes even in the esophagus making it worse.

Loss of appetite – Consuming moderate amounts of spicy food is okay; for instance, you can eat 2-3 times a week, but definitely not daily.

Fake Doctor Note Cures Impossible Work Situation

Work sucks. Get a fake doctor's note.Sam O’Donnell (name changed) had a big problem at work. His supervisor realized that Sam was smarter, younger, more ambitious – and a threat to take his job. So the supervisor did what many, unfortunately, do in those situations. He made Sam’s life miserable. He forced Sam to work overtime when he knew those hours would conflict with important family obligations, he “wrote him up” on imaginary conduct issues, and finally assigned Sam all of the department’s heavy physical duties, just to wear him out.

Sam wasn’t a union worker, and his supervisor was the senior manager on site, so there he had no real recourse. He was actually considering giving in to all of the harassment and quitting his job.

Luckily, Sam discovered another option. He was surfing the web, looking for any advice or suggestions in order to resolve his drastic work situation when he came across a message board post that changed his life. The poster had suffered similar problems until she happened on a site that provided fake doctors notes and excuses. She was able to put together a package of real-looking documentation “proving” that she was physically unable to perform some of the duties her boss was forcing on her, and she ended up being transferred to another location where her work was appreciated.

This wasn’t the type of approach Sam would usually have even thought of by himself; he wasn’t “that kind of person.” But after giving it some careful thought, he realized that the worst that could happen if he was caught would be getting fired. That was already a real possibility anyway, and he knew he couldn’t survive much longer if things continued the way they had been.

So Sam turned his online research to fake doctors notes, and checked out all of the sites he found. He saw a clear difference in websites. Some had free, generic doctors note templates for download, but when he looked at one it was clearly just a fake physician’s note. He didn’t know if his supervisor would believe it, but he certainly wouldn’t have. On the other hand, there were sites which had huge packages of realistic doctor and hospital documentation; not only could he come up with a “note” – he could put together an entire folder of supporting reports and documents to prove he had a real physical disability.

Sam carefully laid the foundation for his claim, beginning to complain about progressively worsening back and leg pain at work over the next few weeks. Finally, he brought his boss a thick sheaf of medical documentation, showing that he had degenerative disc disease and that his physical workload had to be drastically lessened. The package included several different fake doctors excuses from his internist and two specialists, along with a hospital discharge form showing he had been treated for disc issues over a weekend. Every one of the fake notes had been downloaded from the site he considered the best, and they looked impeccable. That is why you need a doctors note.

One great option is to also read this page.

The supervisor had no choice. Sam was immediately reassigned to desk duty. But since there was quite a bit of physical work required for his job at the plant, corporate human resources decided he would be better utilized at a different location where he could work at a desk all day. Sam was transferred across town (where he had a better supervisor and more responsibility), and his life improved 100%. He still feels a bit bad that he did it all with a fake doctor excuse, but wouldn’t change a thing.

Fired – And Arrested: For Stealing a Fake Doctors Excuse

A fake doctor's note can set you free.Marcel Johanssen (name changed) had planned the weekend of his life: Vegas with his buddies.

It was an amazing time. Drinking, gambling, strip clubs, women. The party never seemed to end, and Marcel didn’t want it to. So he decided to stay an extra day, and deal with work when he got home.

He went to work on Tuesday with a story about a bad case of the flu, but he’d used that excuse before and his boss wasn’t convinced. Marcel was given an ultimatum: either bring in a doctors letter to prove you were sick, or you’re fired.

Marcel had a lot of friends, but none of them were doctors. He didn’t know any doctors. In fact, he was only 26 and had hardly ever seen a doctor in his life, so he didn’t have a regular physician. There was no one he could call to explain that he was “sick” (but not sick enough to see a doctor) and needed a written excuse for his employer.

He needed his job in order to pay child support, so he couldn’t just walk away. He needed to find some way out.

That’s when Marcel made one good decision, and one bad one.

He realized that the only answer was getting a fake doctor excuse to give to his boss. That was the good decision. The bad one came when Marcel drew on the experience of his troubled teenaged years, and decided to steal a doctors pad and write his own excuse note.

There was a 24 hour clinic near Marcel’s apartment, which was busy all night but understaffed. He figured that if he sat in the clinic’s waiting room, he could wait until the staff was all busy with patients, find a way to sneak into one of the offices or examining rooms, and find some stationery, a prescription pad, or something that would be believable enough to let him write out a fake doctor note.

At first, things went pretty well. He waited until the clinic was full, found a chair near the hallway leading to the treatment area, and decided the time was right. He snuck down the hall into the first open room and closed the door. He looked around, but there were no pads, no stationery, nothing at all he could use. He started to panic, and went into the next room. Same story there, nothing had been left in the open to use for a fake excuse. Need a doctors note, go to our home page.

And when he tried a third room, Marcel’s grand plan fell apart. A doctor was sitting there. He took one look at Marcel and realized what was going on; he yelled, and Marcel ran – right into the arms of a security guard.

You can probably guess the rest of the story: the police, the court appearance, the suspended sentence with community service, and of course, the pink slip.

Marcel’s decision to use a fake doctors excuse wasn’t wrong. Obviously, his failure to find a reliable source for believable fake medical notes was about as wrong as could be. And he paid the price.

An Honors Student Saves Her Academic Career

Everyone always said that Nicole Wallace (name changed) was the smartest girl in her class. Elementary school, middle school, high school, college – it was always the same. Her teachers loved her, she almost always got straight A’s, she got into one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

It was in her junior year that the trouble started. For some reason, which Nicole could never understand, her professor (who was also the chairman of the department) took a dislike to her. While her work was still good by any unbiased standard, the professor continually picked her essays and classwork apart. The straight A student began receiving B’s and an occasional C. That would be more than acceptable for most students, but Nicole had her eyes focused on a top graduate school, where the admissions committee was known for only taking applicants at the top of their class.

A smart girl uses a doctor's excuse.Nicole started to panic. The professor was the department head so there was no appeal possible. She tried talking to him to find out what his problem was with her, but got nowhere.

It was then that she saw a slight opening. The university’s newspaper reported that the department head would be going on sabbatical the following year. If Nicole could only get an incomplete for the semester, she could retake the course while the professor was away from school and her problem would be solved. But the way things were going, there was no way he’d grant her an incomplete – unless he had to.

This honors student had once seen a TV report about companies that actually sold fake hospital and doctors notes, and for some reason the report had stuck in her mind. She was desperate, because she knew her academic career, and future life, were at stake. After a bit of soul-searching, Nicole looked online for sites that had fake doctors excuses for sale.

Since she was intelligent, she knew she needed only the best, so she went right past the sites offering “free doctors notes templates” for download, which probably would never work for her purposes.

She ended up at a site that not only offered doctors excuses, but full packages including specialists’ reports and multi-page hospital discharge letters, and knew that she’d found what she was looking for. She spent some time putting together a detailed action plan to follow and bought the excuse package. She then constructed a dossier documenting a serious female illness (since she figured that would make it more difficult for the department head to argue or even fully understand). There were had OB/GYN reports, letters from specialists and clinics, and several hospital documents – all completely realistic-looking and with all the proper language – backing up Nicole’s story of a female problem which required immediate surgery and lengthy recovery.

The plan worked like a charm. The department head had no choice but to give Nicole an incomplete grade and a leave of absence until the following semester, when the “fully-recovered” Nicole returned to school, aced her courses, and was accepted at her first choice of graduate school. Her future was assured, all because she had no other option than fake dr forms.

“FREE” Doctors Note Templates Can Cost You Big

A free dr. note is a bad idea.“Hey, did you ever think of getting a fake note?”

Herman Larson (name changed) was taken aback. He’d never even heard of fake medical excuses before, but he was in enough trouble to listen to anyone, even his neighbor who was a perpetual screw-up.

Herman’s company had a very explicit policy on bereavement leave: a week for immediate family members, one day for any other relatives. No changes, no exceptions.

The problem was that Herman hadn’t been raised by his parents, he’d been raised by his aunt, who lived 1000 miles away. He explained that to his human resources department when his aunt passed away, but they just took out the written policy and showed him: “one day for any other relatives.”

There was no way that Herman was going to miss his aunt’s funeral. She was really his mother. Policy or not, he was going to the funeral and spending time with his family.

So by making the right decision in his personal life, Herman was now in big trouble in his professional life. He’d already used up all of his sick leave and personal time for the year, and now he’d missed another four days of work without a “valid” excuse. He didn’t know if the company would just dock his pay, suspend him or fire him, but he had just spent most of his money on the plane ticket back home. He couldn’t afford to lose any pay; he barely had enough money for his rent.

The neighbor’s suggestion was better than anything else Herman had thought of; in fact, he had no other alternative. Herman got online, did a Google search, and found a bunch of sites offering free doctors note templates. “Just download one of these templates,” the sites said, “fill it in, and you’ll have a realistic excuse that will work anywhere!” Go to our home page to get a fake doctor note.

That’s what Herman did, particularly because it was “free.” He was smart enough to realize that he couldn’t claim he was sick at home, since he’d already asked for the time off to attend a funeral. So he wrote in fake details of a doctor in his family’s hometown, saying that he’d collapsed from exhaustion and fatigue after flying all night to get to the funeral.

The idea wasn’t a bad one. What was bad was Herman’s execution. That free doctors excuse template didn’t come with any instructions, explanations or suggested language to use. So Herman just printed out the note on his regular printer, wrote what he thought would be believable language, and turned it in.

And the human resources coordinator just laughed. She saw Herman’s expression, and decided to explain. “I’ve seen this template a dozen times before. You didn’t change a thing on it, you printed it on crappy, cheap paper, and you didn’t even spell the word ‘exhaustion’ properly. I get some good tries here, and some probably even get by me. This one is just pathetic.”

What came next was even worse. “Normally for your first offense, we would just have docked your pay and given you a warning. But this is an attempt to defraud the company. You’re now officially on two weeks’ suspension, without pay. The next time, you’re fired.”

Herman’s “free” doctors note template ended up costing him more than a thousand dollars, because he chose a site that didn’t even warn him to use premium paper for printing, and suggesting ways to word his excuse. He probably won’t dare to try a fake note again, but if he does, chances are he’ll at least have learned that “free” isn’t always free.

How To Reach Me

If you’ve already learned who I am, you’ll understand why I don’t make it easy to reach me.

But if you have a story to tell, good or bad, I’d like to hear it.

Send it to doc@fakedoctorsexcuse.net.

Who I Am

I’m not going to tell you.

All that I’ll tell you is that I’m a “professional” who used to supply “real” fake doctors excuses to people who were desperately in need of them. I wouldn’t do it for people who had created their own problems – only for people who were stuck in a bad situation that was not of their own making. An alcoholic who continually refused treatment, but just wanted to be able to drink all night and call in sick? Sorry, can’t help you. An honest person being terrorized at work, needing some sort of way to solve a problem being ignored by higher-ups? That’s where I would be glad to assist.

I’ve seen the good that fake doctor notes can do, so I believe they should be made available as a last resort. Since there are few “professionals” willing to do what I did, using a credible online source is the only way out for many people. I post these success stories and cautionary tales to make people aware of the good – and harm – that fake medical excuses can do.

All of the stories on this site are 100% real, although I’ve written them in my own style. Of course, all names have been changed.