Fake Doctor Note Cures Impossible Work Situation

Work sucks. Get a fake doctor's note.Sam O’Donnell (name changed) had a big problem at work. His supervisor realized that Sam was smarter, younger, more ambitious – and a threat to take his job. So the supervisor did what many, unfortunately, do in those situations. He made Sam’s life miserable. He forced Sam to work overtime when he knew those hours would conflict with important family obligations, he “wrote him up” on imaginary conduct issues, and finally assigned Sam all of the department’s heavy physical duties, just to wear him out.

Sam wasn’t a union worker, and his supervisor was the senior manager on site, so there he had no real recourse. He was actually considering giving in to all of the harassment and quitting his job.

Luckily, Sam discovered another option. He was surfing the web, looking for any advice or suggestions in order to resolve his drastic work situation when he came across a message board post that changed his life. The poster had suffered similar problems until she happened on a site that provided fake doctors notes and excuses. She was able to put together a package of real-looking documentation “proving” that she was physically unable to perform some of the duties her boss was forcing on her, and she ended up being transferred to another location where her work was appreciated.

This wasn’t the type of approach Sam would usually have even thought of by himself; he wasn’t “that kind of person.” But after giving it some careful thought, he realized that the worst that could happen if he was caught would be getting fired. That was already a real possibility anyway, and he knew he couldn’t survive much longer if things continued the way they had been.

So Sam turned his online research to fake doctors notes, and checked out all of the sites he found. He saw a clear difference in websites. Some had free, generic doctors note templates for download, but when he looked at one it was clearly just a fake physician’s note. He didn’t know if his supervisor would believe it, but he certainly wouldn’t have. On the other hand, there were sites which had huge packages of realistic doctor and hospital documentation; not only could he come up with a “note” – he could put together an entire folder of supporting reports and documents to prove he had a real physical disability.

Sam carefully laid the foundation for his claim, beginning to complain about progressively worsening back and leg pain at work over the next few weeks. Finally, he brought his boss a thick sheaf of medical documentation, showing that he had degenerative disc disease and that his physical workload had to be drastically lessened. The package included several different fake doctors excuses from his internist and two specialists, along with a hospital discharge form showing he had been treated for disc issues over a weekend. Every one of the fake notes had been downloaded from the site he considered the best, and they looked impeccable. That is why you need a doctors note.

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The supervisor had no choice. Sam was immediately reassigned to desk duty. But since there was quite a bit of physical work required for his job at the plant, corporate human resources decided he would be better utilized at a different location where he could work at a desk all day. Sam was transferred across town (where he had a better supervisor and more responsibility), and his life improved 100%. He still feels a bit bad that he did it all with a fake doctor excuse, but wouldn’t change a thing.